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Residents in some parts of Eastern Ukraine have had no running water, power or phone connections for many days. Basic foods are really limited, leading to long lines outside shops and in addition, fighting continues in and around the eastern regions.


The scene of war is violent, graphic, and it remains in a person’s memory for eternity. Many Ukrainians are in emotional distress after having witnessed the horrid events of war.


With the amount of people injured as the cause of the violent events of the war in Eastern Ukraine, there is a great need for medical attention and support. Injured ones are left untreated because of the shortage of medical supplies and professional doctors.

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Ukraine Relief is not politically affiliated and does not represent or support any political party. We are open to friendship, cooperation and partnership with all those who have the same goal.

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  • Ruslan Gurzhiy

Russian propagandists are trying to harm Ukraine!

January 30th, 2019|0 Comments

It appears that Russian propagandists are trying to harm Ukraine!

A Belarusian native, Ruslan Gurzhiy, who calls himself an “Editor in Chief” of the American online publication Slavic Sacramento (This organization […]

  • IMG_0039

Ukraine Relief Outreach Container has arrived to Ukraine!

February 26th, 2016|0 Comments

UKRAINE RELIEF OUTREACH container has arrived to Ukraine.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, who donated their time, finances, produce, and clothing for the good deed. We are hoping that […]

  • 12045784_1651462571763048_5273987275899730760_o-3


February 8th, 2016|0 Comments


Today, there is a war in a once peaceful country, and together we sympathize for the grieving families in this difficult situation. We are determined to feed as many Ukrainians as we […]

  • 12525456_1682691568640148_4955216507357148690_o

2016 Container Arrived to Odessa

January 27th, 2016|0 Comments

Ukraine Relief has shipped out another container in 2016! All humanitarian aid has already been received by our team in Odessa. We would like to thank everyone who participated and put […]