Война в Украине объединила славян Калифорнии

At a time where Europe stands on the verge of war between Russia and Ukraine, the large Slavic community of Sacramento have united and organized this project with the sole purpose of providing aid and help to eastern Ukraine, where cities have been greatly affected by wartime events.

Disputes between the Russian-speaking community about the cause for the conflicts in eastern Ukraine have ceased. Slavic immigrants, from different areas of the former Soviet Union, are collaborating in the collection of aid to victims of fighting and violence in Eastern Ukraine.

Religious communities, businesses, media, and various organizations have united to provide material assistance to people in a great need of food, clothing, and shelter.

On September 12th 2014 the press-conference took place to celebrate the release of the first container with aid that was sent to Eastern Ukraine.

The container was loaded with 610 boxes filled with clothes and shoes. All the clothes have been sorted through to ensure the quality and cleanliness. The container is expected in Sloviansk at the beginning of December 2014.

The first container is just the beginning as we are planning on sending many more containers with food, clothes and medical supplies to those who have been affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Relief relies on donations, so please join our efforts in helping those in need!