Today, there is a war in a once peaceful country, and together we sympathize for the grieving families in this difficult situation. We are determined to feed as many Ukrainians as we possibly can, but we cannot do this alone. We need your help in gathering the funds to get this work done. Donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. Through your donation, you will be able to help a mother feed her child and provide a family with a healthy meal. If this is a project that you are willing to be a part of, Ukraine Relief would like to partner with you in helping these struggling families. In any way that you choose to help, remember that you are making a big difference in the lives of these individuals and their families. Let’s not leave Ukrainians hungry and in the cold. Let’s support them through this struggle in any way that we can. Together we can save lives, give hope in the time of struggle and provide those in need with the means of survival.

War victims are struggling to survive and are in desperate need of food to feed and provide for their families. In order to help those in need, Ukraine Relief has created the Give Rice project, aimed to send much needed supplies to Eastern Ukraine. These donations will provide physical support as well as encouragement to those in need. Rice is the optimal choice because it is versatile, with high caloric value, and is quick and easy to prepare. It has long-term shelf life as well as easy and efficient transportation. With the unpredictable and shifting situations of the war, it is difficult to find storage space for perishable food therefore rice is a great alternative.A network consisting of church, business and community organizations are collecting donations for rice that will be shipped in containers to trusted contacts in Eastern Ukraine. Communication will remain active throughout the process and any needed assistance will be provided. All complications will be immediately resolved to ensure that container safely arrives to its designated location. Once on location, individual packages of rice will be distributed by local volunteers. A “NOT FOR SALE” label will be included on each bag. Every donation, big or small, is important. For more information about Ukraine Relief, Give Rice and our other projects, please contact us. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page by clicking on this link