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As you are reading this, thousands of Ukrainians are without adequate shelter, food, and water supply, constantly dodging bullets and in fear of what the future holds. Men are forced to commit to the military, innocent women and children are killed in the cross fires, and thousands have fled the comfort of their homes in search for safety.


With increased military presence and road blockage, it is difficult to transport food into cities with hungry citizens who are in desperate need of assistance and support. This becomes even more dangerous in times of very cold Ukrainian winters. There have been reported many deaths caused by hunger.

To help those in need, Ukraine Relief has created a GIVE RICE project, aimed to send as much needed food supplies to Eastern Ukraine. These donations will provide physical support as well as encouragement to those in need. Every donation, big or small, is important. For more information about the GIVE RICE project, please contact us.


12232907_1661935054049133_769839623203947760_o-2                                   Feeding the Hungry

War victims are struggling to survive and are in desperate need of food to feed and provide for their families Ukraine Relief understands the importance of this need and has set a goal to provide families who are financially struggling with food and other necessities.





                                        Why Rice?Give Rice 2

Rice is an optimal choice because it is versatile, with high caloric value, and is quick and easy to prepare. It has a long-term shelf life as well as easy an efficient transportation. With the unpredictable and shifting situations of the war, it is difficult to find storage space for perishable food, therefore rice is a great alternative.



12045784_1651462571763048_5273987275899730760_o-3                                              Distribution

A network consisting of churches, businesses and community organizations are collecting donations for rice that will be shipped in containers to trusted contacts in Eastern Ukraine. Communication will remain active throughout the process and any needed assistance will be provided. All complications will be immediately resolved to ensure that container safely arrives to its designated location. Once on location, individual packages of rice will be distributes by our local volunteers. A “NOT FOR SALE” label will be included on each bag.