On October 16th Ukraine Relief held an Informational Benefit at the Citrus Heights Community Center. Almost 250 attendees came to the event.

The goal of the event was to educate the local church, business and political leaders about the current situation in Eastern Ukraine and invite them to participate in the Ukraine Relief project.

All guests enjoyed the buffet and classical music and were invited to watch two short videos about Ukraine and the Ukraine Relief project. One of the highlights of the program was singing of Anytchka, a Ukrainian singer from Lviv, who delighted the guests with songs about Ukraine.

Some of the main speakers at the event were pastors Stepan Skots, Nikolay Bugrev, Adam Bondaruk, Viktor Vronskiy, congressman Ken Coouley , Oleksandr Filipenko (vice Consuel) from the Ukrainian Consulate in San Francisco. They shared details about the current political situation and the need in Eastern Ukraine, talked about the work that has already been done, and invited the attendees to help the innocent victims caught in the conflict.

If you would like to join our efforts and help those in need in Eastern Ukraine, please call our hotline (916) 201-0101 or send us an email at info@ukrainerelief.org.