As you are reading this, thousands of Ukrainians are without adequate shelter, food, and water supply, constantly dodging bullets and in fear of what the future holds. Our mission is to provide aid to cities that have been affected by violence and destruction. Ukraine Relief is collecting clothing, food, and everyday necessities for those in need. We aim to feed the hungry and provide relief to wounded so we can help families start healing and overcome the tragedy of war. Our organization developed a few projects in order to collect enough humanitarian aid for the containers to be shipped to Ukraine, and for our plans to become a reality. With your help, we have already sent out 28 containers and distributed aid throughout the country. Ukraine is currently  in a great need of help. We long to end suffrage and make a difference for the people who live in once a peaceful county. Together, we can do more!

Collection of clothing

Feeding the Hungry

Shipping cargo to Ukraine

Organize and send a team of medical professionals