Ukraine Relief is open to all who are willing to help those greatly affected by warfare. The violence in Ukraine is still continuing today and more people are in need of help. If your heart aches for the people of Ukraine and you are ready to help, Ukraine Relief invites you to unite together and provide aid to eastern Ukraine. You can help with financial contribution, donating lightly used clothing, volunteering, or contributing in any other way you can. Ukraine Relief invites you to unite with us. Together we can do more!


How Do We Help?

  • Fundraising to send containers with food, clothing, medical supplies, and everyday necessities to Ukraine.
  • Emotional and spiritual support to those who have witnessed traumatic scenes or war, loss of loved ones, and discouragement.


What We Plan to Do?

  • Open and organize collection areas for food, clothing, medical supplies, etc..
  • Place fundraising boxes on local businesses and stores.
  • Organize a “Ukraine Relief Rally” in Sacramento California with the support of the Ukrainian, Russian, and American Communities united to stand against the violence of the war in Ukraine and support Ukraine Relief efforts.
  • Send a team to assist and guide relief efforts on site in Ukraine


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